About us.


Born in the small town Robbiate, located just above Milano in the Northern part of Italy. As a young and ambitious chef to be he attends culinary school in Milano where he trained with some of the best Italian and French chefs. At age 21 he became an executive chef and within a year the hard work was rewarded with a Michelin Star; the youngest chef in Italy to receive one at the time. Andrea is the head chef of Capriccio Restaurant. You will find him in the kitchen preparing the dishes.


Born in Padova, nearby Venice Italy. In the early 80’s Lola decides to move to the States to finish her study of English Language. Initially she works for the Italian Consulate as party planner, later on continues her carreer in the restaurant business. By working for some of the most prestigious restaurants in Los Angeles she met many interesting people and gained plenty of experience. With the Italian culture rooted in her, she gets a little home sick and decides to go back to Italy.


In Italy is where they first meet and fall in love. Their first vacation together had destination Bonaire, this happened over 30 years ago. Upon returning to Italy they realized the island Bonaire would be the location for their restaurant named Capriccio. Fast forward years later Capriccio restaurant is located ocean front and serves classic Italian and updated dishes, with love and passion, to many visitors and residents of Bonaire.